Watershed Brand

Description | Arthur Seaman tubes at Leven

Imagery | Jamie Mitchell

Long term associate of Watershed, Arthur Seaman touched down in Newquay last week and what a blast. Paddling out at Porthleven on a Captain longboard the locals thought he was crazy "are you alright mate?" one of the surfers said. Then this happened, he turned paddled and caught an epic barrel, whoops were heard and he had won the locals over in a matter of minutes. We are so stoked that he is part of the Watershed family and can't wait for him to re-visit.

surfing porthleven
surfer at porthleven
longboarder at porthleven, cornwall
longboarder, cornwall
barrel at porthleven
longboarder getting barrelled at porthleven
longboarder cornwall
longboard surfer at porthleven in Cornwall.
barrelled on a longboard in cornwall