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Beach culture is something that has driven us from our inception. Think Levi's 501, Van's checkerboard slip on's and a classic navy shop t-shirt, that was the basic formula when we started the business and not much has really changed except we now offer our own culture through our shop in Newquay, Cornwall and also online via the world wide web (as it was once known!)

Below is a collection of images that have and will continue to drive our passion for everything beach and the lifestyle and surroundings.

venice beach 1970
1970's surf culture
retro skateboarding venice beach 1970's
roller skating in the 1970's
retro skateboarding
cool roller skating in the 1970's
cool image of motorbike on the beach
brigitte bardot sat in a car
cool vintage female surfer image
motorbike and sidecar on the beach
brigitte bardot in the sea 1970's
amazing birds eye view of a beach with people
black and white 1950's surf image
venice beach 1970's
cool guys in black and white photograph
cool kid skating a sidewalk