We are all too familiar with the winter months and how we need maintain a healthy life and keep focused. A great place to start is by installing a wood burner, this gives you an inner warmth that your central heating just can't replicate, but lets face it, unless you have a spare £3,000 lying around this will probably have to wait!

Most importantly try and keep doing the things you love, it feels comfortable and easy to stay inside, but it is so important to get outside and experience what the great outdoors has to offer.

We've established that if you haven't already got a wood burner, that probably won't happen this year. You can however get out and build a good old proper fire. Make sure you can find some nice dry wood and get a good bit of tinder or kindling to start it all off.

Life hacker have a great article on how to light the perfect fire here

Once you have got that fire going it's time to pull out the essential products, you have probably got your wool blanket wrapped around you already! Now take out your enamel (honestly the best product for outdoor fires and camping) boil up some water, then choose the Wacaco or Aeropress coffee press, open a fresh packet of Yallah coffee sit back and enjoy winter like never before.

watershed enamel tea pot

watershed yallah house special edition coffee

watershed opinel knife

watershed enamel vintage sauce pot

watershed yallah house coffee

watershed fistral wool blanket

watershed wacaco minipresso

watershed wacaco minipresso

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watershed 100% wool blanket

Visit Montem for an in-depth guide on how to be safe when lighting a campfire, they have put together a great blog post on how it should be done.

Campfire safety.