Watershed Brand | Guild Shirt
Location | Watershed, 3-5 Bank Street, Newquay
Description | The re-design of a classic
Designer | Jake Patterson

cool shirt collar

The brushed checked shirt has always been a staple product in the wardrobe, especially in the wardrobe of somebody who's passion is within outdoor pursuits. The question we asked ourselves when designing our first collection of shirts was "how do we create our own take on such a classic design and garment?".

Simplicity has always been our philosophy, especially with our roots so deeply set in the classic design era of the Bauhaus movement. We had a problem to solve with all the shirts we had owned before and it was time to solve those problems.

watershed blue checked shirt

I started by removing all the un-necessary elements of a shirt. The placket which runs down the middle of a shirt has always caused problems when ironing and maintaining a smart looking shirt, we removed this giving a very clean look and single front panel. The pockets were also simplified by removing buttons and branding.

shirt sleeve design, blue checked shirt

The branding was relocated on the inside seam keeping the shirt very subtle. I then moved our attention to the cuffs by reducing the length and adding and extra layer so it sits just right above the hand with minimal material gather.

shirt sleeve design

I also added the same 3 layer construction to the collar to retain the shape and reduce the need to iron the collar into place. Finally I concentrated on the length and drop of the shirt, as this was a shirt that was designed to be worn out but retain a smart and casual overall look I reduced the length of a standard shirt to come closer to a short jacket length, by doing this the shirt can be worn with a jacket and not sit below.

The final stage to the design process was to select high quality brushed cotton and test it for minimal shrinkage and maximum durability, after a lot of testing we ended up with 4 different brushed checked fabrics that passed our tests.

brushed cotton checked shirts

This is just the beginning of our journey to bring classic clothing with a practical and styled outlook, it has been a great project and we have accomplished everything we set out to do.