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Description | The Nelscott big surf contest

About a mile off the coast of the city of Oregon, there is a group of surfers waiting for the green light for the Nelscott Big wave surf contest to be announced. Amongst the world class surfers are two brits, Tom Butler and Jonny Leon, who are hoping to get voted in, to compete.

When you think about surfers from the UK, then you automatically think they must have been born on the waves and grew up on the coast. Well Jonny grew up in reading which didn't give him the best start to a surfing career, however this has not deterred him and he has concurred some of the biggest waves in the world, including Teahupo'o and Waimea.

The contestants are out in Oregon right now waiting for the swell that could see 30-50ft waves rolling in, the votes are coming in but he still needs more to secure his position.

To help him get the votes so he can enter the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro AM, please click here to show your support.

jonny leon on a big wave

jonny leon surfer

nelscot big wave surf contest