Watershed Brand
Location | Cornwall
Description | Warrick and his passion for life

Warrick is originally from the Gold Coast, Australia, but you'll now find him living in Cornwall working as a Primary teacher. His passion for cold water adventures means most of his holidays revolve around the Ocean and all things to do with the Surf.

"I mainly ride a bodyboard in the drop knee stance. But love to handplane, surf and body surf as well. I want to keep working and exploring the colder remote areas of the World for waves."

Below is some imagery and a video of what Warrick's been up to this year.

The support we receive from close friends like Warrick is a blessing, without people like this Watershed wouldn't have grown and expanded the way it has over the past few years. However what we are especially grateful for is the passion Warrick has for the Ocean and surfing, without this we wouldn't have the reminder as to why we do what we do.

It's getting colder and darker now with the winter drawing in which means getting in your wetsuit can be even more of a challenge, but seeing how stoked Warrick is when he walks into the shop after a surf brings us back to where our passion truly lies.


You can follow Warrick and his wave search @wurfie