Watershed Brand | Chris Bertish
Location | Watershed Shop, 3-5 Bank Street, Newquay
Description | Stoked talk, Q&A and book signing with Chris Bertish
Photographer | Rachel Di Cioccio

Life long surfer, big wave legend and winner of 2010 Mavericks invitational, Chris Bertish has launched his book 'Stoked' in the UK at Watershed. Accompanied by a talk with Chris himself and a Q&A session after, this event should not have been missed.

"Dream it. See it. Believe it. Achieve it."

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It's not very often you get to meet people as extraordinary as Chris Bertish, spending a few hours in his presence truly inspired everyone in the room. Listening to Chris talk it was apparent that not only does he push his body to the limit but also mind. I had the opportunity to chat with Chris if only for a few minutes, but even so in that short space of time I was in awe of the way he spoke about challenges of the mind, and what he considers 'peripheral noise' within life to really be. I walked away feeling as though anything is possible, now questioning where my boundaries really lie and what could be accomplished if I put my mind to it.

Chris's next challenge will be attempting the first ever, solo, SUP Trans-Atlantic Crossing at the end of 2016. Paddling the equivalent of a marathon every day for 120 days, over 4500 miles (7500 km), Chris will start his voyage in Morocco, to the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic Ocean, towards the leeward Islands of the Carribean before finally ending the journey in Florida.

We would like to thank Chris for taking the time to visit Watershed, it was a privilege having him do a Q&A here and we wish him all the luck with the sup trans-atlantic crossing.

Watershed HQ.

If you would like to follow his journey or donate towards the cause then follow the link.

You can also buy 'Stoked' either online or in store at Watershed.