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Description | The Odyssey - Film

Jacques Cousteau is quite simply one of the most recognised underwater explorers in recent history. He dedicated his life to the ocean in the form of an inventor, explorer, naval officer, photographer, film maker and conservationist.

Jacques above and below in his signature red beanie.

In 1950 Jacques launched the Calypso, a boat which he would use until 1996, when it sank in the Singapore harbour. He used the boat to travel the worlds oceans and was followed by millions of people due to the media exposure that he had gained.

The film Odyssey focuses a lot on how his passion drove him as a businessman, he is know for co-inventing the aqua lung, which enabled him to explore new underwater worlds.

It also focuses on whilst travelling around the world in Calypso, he realised how human activity was ruing the oceans. In 1973, he founded the Cousteau Society in an effort to raise awareness of the ecosystems of the underwater world. The organization quickly grew and soon boasted 300,000 members worldwide.

Watch the trailer below and we urge you to go and see the full film.