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Thera-Sea is a new Cornish based retreat that provides life changing stress management courses with specialist clinicians that take well-being back to basics within nature.

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With Thera-Sea courses you can combine well-being days with a fun get aways for individuals or have tailor made courses for teams/corporate groups suited to your needs (these can be delivered worldwide). 

Thera-Sea’s well-being retreats are educational and exciting in equal parts. Delivered by experienced professionals who are passionate about giving people the tools they require to manage stress and improve well-being to recover lost connections with nature and our own well-being.

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Thera-Sea will take you back to basics within nature at our spectacular locations by the sea. Expect sea kayaking, sea swimming, surfing, bushcraft, foraging, great food and developing stress management skills.

Topics covered during the stress management course:


1. Self-regulation and the brain; the biology of stress

2. Different types of stress and how to alleviate them

3. Good sleep habits and sleep misconceptions

4. Exercise and lifestyle as medicine

5. How to stay calm in a busy world: the importance of relaxation and meditation

6. Nutrition: gut health and the microbiome

7. The importance of relationships and having a purpose

mens mental health courses newquay, cornwall

The courses break free from outdated preconceptions and enable people to take back control of their lives through a lifestyle approach to health. We help develop a greater knowledge of the body’s systems and how to utilise coping skills that can transform people’s lives.

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Good mental and physical health has become far too confusing and we’re up against lots of contradictory information.

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The good news is that there is a proven way to successfully treat stress. It’s called progressive lifestyle medicine.

Thera-Sea is dedicated to this new, highly effective way of thinking.

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For more information head over to our website www.thera-sea.co.uk for more information.