Watershed Brand

Description | Uk's most innovative retailer - The Bira and Vend awards

Imagery | Watershed

Watershed is an independent brand and concept store, born out of a love of

the ocean and the founders’ desire to run a business rooted in storytelling and
strong values. They sell custom surfboards along with a well-curated selection
of accessories.

“Watershed is an independent brand with our passion firmly placed in great
product and the ocean,” says Creative Director Jake Patterson.
The team behind Watershed make no compromises. They only sell products
they love and when they can’t find them, they create them themselves.
“We started manufacturing surfboards in 2012. Being in the industry for so long
and seeing product with no back story inspired us to create products that we
were passionate about, not only how it was used but how it was made.”

As well as their Newquay location and a thriving online store, Watershed is
home to a number of additional experiences which epitomise the breezy,
oceanside lifestyle the brand embodies.
As Jake explains, “we built the Surf Shack to give our customers the full
experience of the life of a surfer and living by the sea. It enhances the story
of the brand and provides customers with insight into the Watershed lifestyle.
We already had a cafe, and an on-site barber’s and the Surf Shack felt like the
final piece of the customer experience.”
The result has been a loyal customer base of fans and advocates, who
strongly identify with Watershed’s ethos.

Jake’s straight to the point advice for other retailers is, “negotiate hard on the
rent, it’s not cheap running a physical store. Location is also very important,
do not compromise on this. Keep staff to a minimum and put your till by the
doorway to prevent theft and promote a friendly environment without being
too pushy towards your customers. Have a good product mix including some
more affordable small items so every customer can leave with something.”