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International Women’s Day

Posted by Jamie Mitchell on
International Women’s Day is a big day in our calendar.
 It’s a chance to commend and celebrate, in particular, the Women who work for Watershed. The Women in business that we have been so fortunate to collaborate with. The Women that are fantastic influencers who help promote our brand and last but certainly not least, all of our amazing female customers who choose to shop with us.
Christine Richards Resin Artist

What is International Women’s Day?
IWD was born 1908 by a group of women who were marching through New York in protest. They were asking for better working hours, pay and the right to vote. Despite it taking a few more years for women to gain the right to vote, it only took one more year for the day to be declared as ‘National Women’s Day.’

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By 1910, a communist activist named Clara Zetkin addressed the International Conference of Working Women asking for the day to be internationally recognised. 100% of women agreed and it was passed
 It is common knowledge that the colour symbol of IWD is purple, however green and white are also incorporated. It is no surprise that they each have meaning. 
Purple - Justice and dignity. 
Green - Hope.
White - Purity.
Although, White is now considered to be relatively controversial in modern times. 
Looking back at how far Women’s equality has come, it is an incredible story. However, it is abundantly clear that we still have a long way to go for all Women to celebrate this day. Some cultures are making slower progress, but by raising more awareness plus educating Women and Men on the subject can mean that we are only moving forward with the cause. 

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