The Makers Series: Watershed X Christine Richards - GIVEAWAY!

Christine Richards is a local resin artist who has been producing stunning resin art for the last few years based off of the Cornish landscape. 

As a celebration of her work and the launch of her new website we have teamed up with her to create some content & do a collaborative free giveaway! 

Christine Richards artist from porthleven

Christine was kind enough to donate one of her latest pieces of art, which we will pair with a Classic Watershed Union backpack and one of our latest graphic tee's to make this a deal you don't want to miss!

To enter you have to...

• Follow both our Instagram accounts @christine.richards.resin & @watershed_brand  
• Like the post & share the post on your story
• Comment tagging a friend to enter

Entrants will be collected from both instagram pages & picked at random on Friday the 23rd. Good Luck! 

We documented the process of Christine producing this piece for the giveaway and asked her a few questions about her job, the ups and downs and what advice she has for newcomers to the freelance art scene....

Christine Richards and watershed resin art
christine richards resin art newquay
christine richards artist newquay

J: So… wapah.. right…okay 

J: Hi christine 

C: Hi 

J: How’s it going

C: Good man  

J: Yeh sweet 

C: (chuckles)

J: So if you could tell us a little about yourself maybe know who you are your age your profession where do you live...? 

C: I'm Christine richards, 31 originally from Porthleven but I've found home in Newquay, I live here with my 3 year old son and two very crazy spaniels, I'm a full time artist mainly working with resin with some other fun stuff chucked in..

J: Do you surf? If so what are you riding at the moment? 

C: haha ummm,  I attempt to surf I'm not good but I always have the biggest smile out there, I ride a Watershed Shegg 7’0 which is gold and so much fun!

J: Love it … what’s one thing you wish you knew when you began your career as a resin artist?

C: (Chuckles)... As I began to work as an artist full time the hardest part for me was how to run a business, like an actual business and not just paint all the time. The different aspects that it entails.. since taking the leap 2 years ago its been such a learning curve I would of thought I would spend all my time painting but I have to wear all the hats, including graphics, website design, finances is definitely a tricky one for me and promotion.

J: This is a good one... (chuckles) what would you say was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it 

C: My biggest failure is probably agreeing to unrealistic time frames when regular work started flowing through it was super exciting and I got carried away and said yes to everything! It was a huge struggle to meet everyones needs at once whilst keeping the standards high and not letting anything reflect badly on myself 

J: Totally understandable

C: Cus its all exciting haha you want to do everything…

J: Yeh of course

C: and earn money hahah 

J: Absolutely 

JC: hahaha 

J: What else we got here…

J: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to go into a career similar to yours? 

C: For starting out as an artist… advice for someone starting out as an artist is to make friends and talk to people in a similar place or industry, I have so many self employed friends in the industry that inspire me and most people are more than happy to help and share advice and I've met some awesome people along the way

J: Any resources in particular you would recommend or what person / people help you? 

C: Umm resources… I really struggled with confidence until I was lucky enough to meet the queen that is Charlotte at the Palm Tree Club, she’s a life coach and has helped me massively with confidence and is just an inspiration to me in how she has this amazing vibe for life

J: Amazing, where’s the palm tree club based? 

C: Based here in Newquay... Charlotte Loddy, I met her swimming

J: yeh? 

C: Yeh man, she’s also my business coach haha 

J: Just a general good human then? 

C: Yeh definitely 

J: The next question is what’s your dream job, but I guess you're already doing that? 

C: Dream job is definitely what I'm doing now, I've wanted this my whole life and since being brave enough to take the leap and do it I'm super grateful everyday 

J: Perfect...almost there

C: haha

J: So what’s the best way people can connect with you or find your online space? How do people get in touch if they are interested in finding out more? 

C: The best way to get in touch with me is mainly through my website, which is or on instagram which is @Christine.richards.resin The quickest way to message me is definitely on insta but if you want to have a look at my basic portfolio its all on my site 

J: Anything that excites you right now? Hyped about any projects? … 

C: Projects, I've definitely got some really exciting projects I'm working on right now...Obviously doing a little Collab with you guys is dreamy! I'm also working with easy composites for there resin company glass casts which Ive been using for years and I'm lucky enough to be designing a kit with them now to get people started...Also super hopeful that we will be able to travel again soon, go out and about, hopefully abroad and get some aerial shots with my drone for some inspiration because I mainly paint Cornwall at the moment and well... lets face it everyone wants to escape now and travel

J: Absolutely! 

J: question… what’s your perfect Sunday haha 

C: haha I actually wrote this one down! Yeh man... my perfect Sunday is definitely coffee in bed listening to records, 'cus I'm a little bit old haha. Followed by a cold sea swim and dog walks on the beach... and then probably the pub

JC: hahaha

C: Not gonna lie hahah  

Christine Richards resin art, newquay
Christine Richards art


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