Watershed - Recycled Luggage Collection

We are pleased to announce our latest project...
We have teamed up with 2 amazing partners and contributing a percentage of all recycled products sales to directly clean up Ocean plastics.
When you purchase any of the recycled bag collection you will receive an email where you can track the progress of our donation and see exactly where it is spent. Amazingly each bag will recover upto 5KG of plastic.



Your pledge for ocean plastic cleanup has been assigned to our partner Empower. Empower works to clean up plastic where it matters most, along the world's most polluted rivers and shores. Your pledge will also provide crucial income to local waste pickers.

Your Pledge Per Product
The impact from the product is estimated to take 6-8 weeks to be fulfilled. This is because funds from your product must first be sent to the cleanup provider, and only then can cleanup be organised.

This is the first step but by no means the limit to which we intend to give back. Stay tuned for more news on how us at Watershed are trying to do our part for our beloved ocean...


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