T.R.O.G - The Race of Gentleman - Classic Hot Rods and Motorbike racing.

T.R.O.G - The Race of Gentleman - Classic Hot Rods and Motorbike racing. - Watershed Brand
Hot Rods and Surfing go hand in hand, now imagine if you could go back in time and re-live the good old classic days of the early 1900s, when the wealthy raced the 500 feet wide, 27-mile long beach at Daytona/Ormond Beach, Florida in what we now call Hot Rods.


Fast forward more than 100 years and T.R.O.G (Who in March 2019 succeeded in hosting an exceptional drag race on the streets of Santa Barbara, CA, the birthplace of organized drag racing at Goleta Airport in 1949) are leading the way in reviving beach racing again.


T.R.O.G has now successfully hosted 4 events including our favourite held at Wildwood, New Jersey.


Trog, the race of gentleman

Who are T.R.O.G?

TROG isn’t an invention. It’s been happening well before the founders were born, but now it has a name and a place in the foreground of modern culture. TROG taps into something primal and emotional. An escape from an impressively mundane world, offering mechanical reprieve from its backlit, binary grip.


TROG events are real, jarring and built on the strongest, sappiest foundation of all… friendship. A weekend retreat with late nights and early mornings, where you laugh and yell and experience nature in the strangest possible way. A reminder that most admirable aspects of humanity have yet to die off.


beach motorbike race
hot rod black and white photograph
vintage surfboard at trog
Surf Culture goes hand in hand with Classic Hot Rods.


surf motel U.S.A
Beach motorbike race
hot rod beach race
vintage motorbike, shovelhead
cool retro man smoking
"It’s a step back in time to something fun, fast and a carnival of style.”


vintage beach hot rod race
moon eyes yellow truck
Mooneyes, a brand steeped in history in the scene.


classic hot rod racing on the beach
cool hot rod car
trog beach race
vintage harley davidson image
girl in vintage boilersuit
vintage fairground and hot rods


So if you love all things vintage when it comes to motorbikes, hotrods, classic drag racing, oil and just damn cool stuff ( becasue who doesn't?) then you have to visit the T.R.O.G (The Race of Gentleman) website.
All images are the property of The Race of Gentleman.


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