Watershed X Salty Shapes - Our Latest longboard explained.

Our latest board available on our website was a collaboration with local shaper, long-boarder and all round good guy Jack Day (AKA @the_saltyshaper on instagram)

The Jaywalker Longboard


We spoke with Jack and asked him to explain the fine details of this board for ourselves and customers. Why he chose the shape and what its set out to achieve for the rider...

Here's what he had to say: 

A traditional log, not the most high performance, the rail itself is a 50/50 rail with 60/40 in the nose and tail.

It features a really nice and flat rocker in the nose, with a maximised amount of tail kick in the back, again it has a large concave running through the nose all the way down through the board down in towards the fin. On this model the fin is 3 & a half inches off of the tail.

Glassing Fins

This board is really designed for small days, clean long lines... Get in nice and early, you've got all that volume at the front and that width to pull you in. Bottom turn, set your line, park up, start taking your steps towards the nose and start to get some serious hang-time. If your looking for a board to drive off the top and hit the lip, check out the Colt model available in our upcoming raffle...

Sanding Surfboard

For turns you've got to bring your weight further back towards that fin. This model itself is designed to encourage people to drop knee and do a more traditional turn, that fin placement right off the back of the tail is going to aid in that. You'll be able to crank your foot straight off the tail itself, get it down and really work that board round.

Pleasure Seeker T-shirt

The jaywalker model itself was designed with the idea of encouraging and advancing peoples surfing to the point where they feel comfortable nose riding and make it a lot more easy to get there. It's a nice wide platform making it stable as possible for the rider to get up to the nose and feel comfortable without getting that rocky sketchy feeling. It's solid! The rail shape makes it hold nice and steady in the face of the wave so you are gonna have extra stability and its just gonna make everything that much easier.

Jack Day Shaper




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