The Surfing Tribe

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"The Surfing Tribe" presents a unique insight into the forgotten story of Britain's pioneering surfers. How did a sport practised in Hawaii find its way to the chilly Atlantic shores of Britain? How did a photo in a 1929 encyclopedia inspire a Newquay ice-cream man to become Europe's first regular surfer? How did the British surf industry grow from a handful of backyard board builders into the multi-million pound industry it is today? "The Surfing Tribe" tells the full story of the history of surfing in Britain. It explains how a quirky seaside pastime transformed itself over seven decades into a phenomenally popular sport and lifestyle. From Newquay to Newcastle and from Jersey to Swansea, the origins of Britain's separate surfing tribes are revealed and all the top British surfers from the various eras are profiled. The book also charts the evolution of British surfboards, and looks back at the films and magazines that have portrayed British surfing over the decades. 'A beautifully presented book, crammed with high quality photographs and little vignettes of the characters that have populated British surfing over the years... A worthy addition to any coffee table or bookshelf.' Chris Preston, Corduroy Lines Magazine