The Retro Fish - Up to 6'6

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One of the most popular surfboard templates of all time, the Fish has always been an essential addition to any quiver. Aesthetically stunning but very functional and forgiving, the fish is a shorter board that boasts a lot of volume for it's length. Our retro fish doesn't detract from this classic style. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

The Watershed fish has a lower rocker through the entry into a medium low tail rocker. This is slightly accentuated by the extra spiral ‘V’ through the tail which adds a bit of curve behind the fins. This enables the board to work well off the bottom and will hold a little more where other fishes can tend to slip out. The swallow tail is foiled right down to the rail which again offers more hold off the bottom as the tail flexes when loading on a rail. It’s these subtle little things that makes our Fish so user friendly in a wide range of conditions.
The rails are pinched and tucked right under into the ‘V’ bottom. This is to maintain as much control as possible at those higher speeds the lower rocker offers. With so much of the board engaged in the water, the softer bottomed, pinched rails will hold to the face more than usual for some fish meaning you can really trust leaning through turns. The template is wide from tail to centre which gives you that fish forward trajectory that we all look for in a twin fin. The nose is pulled in on the shoulders to shorten the rail line making sure you’re not bogging down at lower speeds. When flying, the details we have added for control will come into play blending a perfect combination of speed and hold as you knife through turns.
All the foam through the centre of the board is held right to the nose giving you a very stable, easy to paddle, easy to cruise platform. There is a slight concave in the deck which gives a little sensitivity to make sure you are stuck to the board on rail offering complete control when throwing turns.
All in all, this is an easy to use, fun board with an emphasis on function at higher speeds that a good fish will always have. The Watershed Fish will make the most out of a wide range of conditions when you want to catch a full quota of waves.

  • 5'6" x 21 x 2 1/2
  • Drill through leash plug
  • 2 + 1 fin setup with FCS II

Upon purchase you will receive an instant confirmation email followed by a customisation email within 5 days. In this please specify what size, colour/s, fabrics, design layouts and fin box setup you wish. We will then render a mockup of your design for you to confirm before the production is started.