The retro fish is regarded as one of the most important shapes in the history of surfing, aside of the longboard it is on the longest standing and most popular templates. Aesthetically stunning but very functional, the fish is a shorter board that boasts a lot of volume.

Our round nose fish doesn't detract from this classic style, we believe If it isn't broken, it doesn't need to be fixed. We usually offer this as a resin tint and gloss and polish and glassed on fins, to fit with tradition.

"the fish is one of the most popular templates of all time"

The Retro fish is a purists dream and should be welcomed by surfers looking to add a board that will give you a different style of surfing. This board carries volume all the way through to the nose which makes it a fun board to ride on even the smallest of waves.

"the fish has and will always be an essential addition to any quiver"


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