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Taking Away = Giving Back

At Watershed, we are proud to be a company that is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We believe that every product we sell should help the planet in multiple ways, which is why we have a strong focus on sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We work closely with leading companies to reduce our impact on the planet, and we are always seeking out new solutions and partnerships to achieve our environmental goals.

One of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability is through our carbon-neutral delivery service. We believe that it's important to offset the emissions generated by shipping our products, and we do this through various environmental initiatives. Our packaging is also eco-friendly, and we make sure to remove any unnecessary materials such as swing tags, plastic packaging, and promotional leaflets to minimise waste.

One of our standout initiatives is our dedication to recovering the equivalent of 80 ocean-bound plastic bottles for each sale. This is something that we are particularly proud of, as it highlights our commitment to tackling plastic waste and marine pollution, which are significant environmental challenges facing the planet.

Overall, we are honored to be a company that is a leader in environmental sustainability. Our commitment to sustainable practices and innovative initiatives make us a standout company in the field of environmental sustainability, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Our Story

Watershed is a UK-based brand that was started in 2011 by graphic designer Jake Patterson. Although we started as a surf shop in Newquay, Cornwall, selling other brands such as Carhartt, Levis, Vans, Converse, The North Face, and Casio, it wasn't until 2013 that we launched our stand-alone brand. Since then, we have become known for our original designs and our commitment to sustainability.

Our designs are heavily influenced by subcultures of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, including music, surfing, skateboarding, car culture, and design. We draw on these influences to create products that are both timeless and contemporary, combining classic styles with modern functionality.

We have had our own stores in Truro, Falmouth, and Newquay, as well as a pop-up shop in Boxpark in London. We are particularly well-known for our backpacks, which combine functionality with unique design.

Every product we make recovers ocean-bound plastic as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. We recover 1kg of plastic for each product, which is the equivalent of 80 plastic bottles.

Overall, Watershed is a brand that is dedicated to originality, quality, and sustainability. From our high quality manufacturing and materials to our commitment to recovering ocean-bound plastic waste, we are a brand that is always striving to make a positive impact on the environment.

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