Watershed Brand
Location | Indonesia, Australia
Description | Exploring change
Photos & words | Paul Finnie

The excitement of exploring change can be a mixed bag of emotions. Coming to terms with leaving the known to the unknown, was very daunting. I was super excited and I had a slight bit of apprehension at the same time.

I think the everyday onslaught and monotony of life, can get to the best of us and almost clog our way of thinking and make positive change unattainable. Once you accept that it’s happening, the more fun the adventure becomes and you embrace the change.


The Island of the Gods, a great way to start and finish our journey. This place has so much to offer any type of traveller from Surfing, Yoga, Cultural attractions, Mountain Trekking, Silversmithing and Diving.

It can be a really fruitful trip for some and others, well let’s say you can be chewed up and spat out in various ways. Definitely a place to have your wits about you.

Crashing and dodging motor bikes and reef break navigating, can be daily occurrence for the Bali enthusiast. The places that really stood out to me most were; Lombok, Gili Islands, Ubud and Canggu, all for various reasons. This was my 4th trip to Bali and I have the feeling it won’t be my last.


Living on the Gold Coast was a very insightful look into Australian culture, I would definitely recommend you visit this amazing country for several reasons.

We started our journey off from Sydney and gathered our thoughts, we both felt we spent a lot of time planning Indonesia but definitely not enough time on Oz. So, after we were over big city life and an Alt-J gig later, we hired a camper van and headed North to Newcastle, picked up the rest of our gear and kept on driving till we found spots like: Crescent Heads,Yamba, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

We decided to settle on the Gold Coast because we have friends (The Amazing Austin family) that emigrated there from the UK and offered us somewhere to stay until we found our feet. After a couple of weeks of being shown around the amazing Hinterland of South East Queensland, North New South Wales and visiting various towns that have so much character, I'm putting it out there they’re some of the best beaches in the world for Surf and Sun worshipers, we had to face reality of funds getting low and bite the bullet of Job hunting…..

So after hundreds of job applications later, I landed myself the role as Cafe Manager at Paddock Bakery, in a little suburb on the edge of Burleigh Heads called Miami. If you’re ever on the coast you have to check this place out - it’s the bomb for several reasons. The food and coffee is on point and they are definitely one of the best coffee shops on the coast. They have the best of the best naughty treats for the serious foodies out there, plus the atmosphere and dinning area is so unique.

Australia is definitely leading the way with breakfast/ Coffee Cafe culture, in so many ways. The weather is such a major influence, which naturally make you want to be outdoors all the time because the climate can accommodate. This outdoor/ active lifestyle has to be fuelled with right diet. Fruit and Veg out there is out of this world, which really encourages you to eat super healthy.

Talking of health, I’ve decided to jump on the Health and Fitness bandwagon as I'm in the right place for it - also a really hectic stint in Hospitality was enough to get me to the gym. I decided to get personal trained and seek a more naturopathic way of doing it. I met my Personal trainer Guy Jefferson, who really opened my eyes to a different way of living and helped me make some massive changes to my diet, posture and exercising. I am now full blown vegetarian. Being an avid meat eater for 30 years or so, it was hard for me and I see Guy as a major influence in my Indo/ Oz trip.

Myself and Lucy really miss Australia and were super upset about leaving. We met some of the most hardworking people and made some friendships that wont be forgotten.

We are back in Cornwall now and we are trying to keep up the momentum of change that we experienced, within the last year and four months of travelling, to create our future and sustain a lifestyle that suits us. With that in mind, we are in the early stages of learning to open our own business. I am also trying to break into the Health and Fitness industry around September. I joined the Watershed Team in May along side James Wright, Jake Patterson, Jess, Rachel, Barney, Jamie and my new Bestie John Hersey!! Which is super exciting because they are the makers of fun.

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