Watershed Custom Surfboards - The Process

Here at Watershed we pride ourselves in high quality watercraft. 

When it comes to buying / designing / customising we just wanted to to elaborate on every step of the custom surfboard process to create clarity for our customers that are thinking about making the choice to purchase one of our bespoke products.


Upon purchase of your board. Unless it is specified as a 'stock' board on our website your board will not be pre-made and ready to collect. 

When you place a custom board order on our site, depending on the complexities of your custom design, the order is either forwarded to our board shaping factory (if it is plain white with no colour) or upon request for a more complex design and colour-way, it will be forwarded to our art director Jake. From there Jake will personally correspond with you and request colours, layout & any other special touches you were interested in. After this he will send you a mock-up of the custom board BEFORE we send the design to our factory to be produced. So the longer the design process takes, the longer it will be before the shaping commences. 

Once a design is sent to the shapers, it can rarely be edited, unless very quickly rectified. Due to the amount of orders taken in by our board factory, updated custom board information can be lost in translation so post-design changes can be missed. We stress it is vital to check all the details and features are right for you before starting this process. 


When a board design is confirmed, the average production of a custom board takes 8 weeks. This can be delayed drastically in certain situations by lack of materials available to the factory. Due to recent trade deals surfboard supplies in the UK have become much harder to come ahold of. 

Whilst we try to update our customers with as much information as we know, due to covid restrictions we cannot currently enter the board factory only members of the staff can, and because they are busy making boards they don't always answer the phone. Because of this we cannot directly monitor your board production. This is why it is imperative to be 100% happy with the designs before being sent to the factory. 


When the board is ready we will notify you as soon as it comes into store. Delivery is also available upon purchase of the board or can be paid at a later date and shipped anywhere across the UK.


If you are not happy with the final outcome of your board, we are always happy to refund you the full cost of the board. If you like the board but want a design change and therefore want it remade, this is also possible but unfortunately you will be re-added to the list of custom boards and will have to wait a further 8 weeks. We cannot rush a re-make and jump you ahead of other loyal customers also waiting on there new board. 

For any further information on the process of designing a custom board please correspond with info@watershedshop.co.uk and we will be happy to help.